Go Baaa! is a clothing brand. We sell T-shirts with designs of animals in cartoon or illustration style. Because we love animals and wildlife! What about you? Dress for your inner animal!

The designs are drawn by Dutch cartoonist, illustrator, biologist and wildlife enthusiast David den Ouden.

The entire fullfillment – payment, order handling, printing and shipping your order – is handled by our partner SpreadshirtLink to an external page in a new window. Go Baaa! makes the designs, Spreadshirt does the rest.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Time to show your loved ones some sheepish love. Because, all you want to say is “I love ewe” to your significant other, right? Check out our Love Ewe / Valentine’s Collection with cute, lovable sheep mugs and aprons!

Stay tuned for more updates!

With the festival season coming up, we launched the Black Series with brand new designs. With the Black Sheep, Schwarzes Schaf and Henkie the Plush Rat designs. So, Go B(l)aaa(ck) and dress for your inner black animal!

Black Sheep T-shirts and tops
Schwarzes Schaf (Black Sheep)
Henkie the Plush Rat